Pistachio Health Benefits for Pregnancy

Growing in tropical regions of Asia and Africa, they are nuts in shape, identical to eggs. Pistachios are enriched with nutrition.  It is suggested that women should consume pistachios when they are pregnant in order to fulfil their body’s nutritional needs, but as it is said that too much of anything can be dangerous to health, so it’s better to maintain a balanced consumption of pistachios. They are enriched with fibre also, which is good for babies ‘ growth and development.

Benefits of Pistachio During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, a female body goes
through many changes and often becomes weak ad there can be reasons such as
lack of sleep or hormonal changes. While eating other nutrition-rich
and food, the right amount of Pista can provide the strength to your
body and can benefit you in a number of ways:

Growth and Development of Fetal:

Having high proteins, Pistachios helps to
develop the muscles and tissues of the fetus.

Balanced Lipid Levels:

They help to maintain a balanced lipid
level as they have a high quantity of monosaturated fatty acids. Th reduce bad
cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Boosts Immunity:

They help to increase the healthy immunity
level as they are rich in various vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, and other
antioxidants. Eating pistachios during pregnancy can make you less vulnerable
to any illness.

Prevents Anemia:

Pistachios have a high amount of iron,
which helps in red blood cells’ production and lowers the risk of anemia during

Treats Constipation:

Pistachios are useful for maintaining a
healthy gut movement. They cure constipation, as this becomes the primary
complaint during pregnancy.


Pista help in reducing any kind of pain and
swelling because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy Fetal Brain:

For healthy brain development of baby,
consumption of Pista is very beneficial as they contain omega-three fatty

How Many Pistachios Can You Eat Per Day?

Eating pistachios in a moderate quantity is
the better option. Eating 20 to 24 pistachios in a day won’t do any harm, but
eating more can make you gain more weight as they have high calories. It can
also be dangerous for your heart’s health.