What Type Of Creams To Use On Babies

Skincare is a delicate issue when it comes to babies. Just like
adults, every baby has a different skin type. Thus, it is important to use
those creams and lotions which are effective and gentle towards the skin of a baby.
When we visit a supermarket, we easily get confused with shelves overflowing
with different kinds of brands and products. Therefore, try to look for those
products, which are dye free and do not include any parabens, fragrances and
formaldehydes. A new born baby needs special care because it takes time for
their immune system to develop, thus, products that contain harsh ingredients
can irritate your baby’s skin.

Studies show that
an infant’s skin is easily irritated especially if the baby has dry skin. Therefore,
here are some different types of creams that you could use in order to keep
your baby’s skin comfortable especially during the winter season. If you are
looking for a product that works on all skin types,
then consider using vitamin
B serum
which will strengthen your baby’s skin
against various skin conditions such as eczema, dryness and pigmentation.

Here are some different types
of creams that you can use on your baby:

  1. Unscented Baby Lotion

First time parents are
usually more confused as to which product to use because a baby’s skin is much more delicate than adults. However, make sure
to use creams which can provide hydration and also protect your baby’s skin at
the same time. A natural unscented lotion works wonders as a daily moisturizer
especially after bathing your little one. It is important to keep in mind that your
baby’s skin can easily be inflamed through harsh chemicals so don’t just buy
the first product you use at a store only because you like the way it smells.
Scan the label and focus on a lotion or a cream that is mild in nature and
fragrance free.

  • Free of Preservatives

You can never go wrong if you
buy products which are free of preservatives such as parabens. It is because of
them that your baby’s skin suffers from irritations and allergic reactions.
Most dermatologists suggest that the best baby cream is one that has minimal
ingredients and is hypoallergenic in nature as it is less likely to cause any
skin allergies especially if your baby’s skin is dry.

  • Dye Free Products

It’s easy to buy a product
especially if we like the way it smells or the way it looks. However, when it
comes to babies, you need to beware of products that can be toxic towards your
child’s skin. Your baby needs dye free products which will leave your baby’s
skin feeling soft and fresh. A hypoallergenic baby lotion such as Vaseline is a long lasting
moisturizer and provides intensive care for overall usage. Thus, help your baby
receive the best care that they deserve.