When Should You Get Health Insurance When You’re Expecting?

Everything gets exciting when you’re planning to expand your family.
However, planning to do so requires considering various elements, mainly including
whether your health insurance will suit your timeline or not. You can choose to
have a baby without going for private hospital cover,
however, it is always recommended that you choose the level of care which will
suit your needs. All Medicaid plans and Health Insurance Marketplace covers childbirth
and pregnancy
. This is applicable even in cases where pregnancy begins
before the effectiveness of your coverage.

It is important to note that having a baby will qualify you for an
SEP (Special Enrollment Period). This means that after having your child, you
can change or enroll in Marketplace cover, even if it’s not within the Open
Enrollment Period. Considering that you’ve enrolled yourself in the new plan,
the health cover can be applicable once you’ve delivered the baby.

Considering that you’ve delivered your baby and you already have a
health cover, you can do the following things:

Switching to another Marketplace plan or adding your baby to your
current coverage plan.

Health Plans:

Childbirth and Maternity Care- these are the services that are
provided after and before you deliver
the baby
, these are the essential health plans. This explains that all the
health plans within or outside the marketplace should cover them.

Some health insurance companies provide coverage even if you were
expecting before the initiation of your coverage. The health care law states
that pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy) is covered in the health
insurance plan.

Additionally, health plans which are sold within or outside the
marketplace must include coverage and a benefits summary page.

In many countries, the Medicaid programs have been extended to cover
individuals who have incomes below a specific level. Even if you weren’t eligible
to apply for this coverage in the past, you can definitely qualify now. Your
eligibility for Medicaid relies upon the following factors: whether there has
been an expansion in your Medicaid coverage, your income and the size of your

Benefits Of Getting
Additional Cover When You’re Expecting

When it’s about having
a baby
, there are various benefits to taking health insurance, and this
does not only involve hospital cover. Extras or ancillaries can assist you in
ensuring that you are covered for the things that you might require in the

Tips On How Extras Can
Assist You When You’re Expecting

1. Antenatal classes – There are various classes and courses available which are particularly
designed for mums who are expecting, depending upon your health insurers. These
courses may include: sleep settling classes, breastfeeding classes, birthing
courses and classes, post or pre-natal visits from a compression garment or
registered midwife.

2. Accommodation and
travel –
In cases when you live far away from your
hospital or specialist, you might want to claim back any accommodation or
travel costs.