How to establish great corporate fitness programs

Corporate fitness is gaining popularity in Melbourne and globally as most employers realize that investing in fitness programs today could highly payoff in the future. Both small and large companies have realized the benefits Melbourne wellness and fitness programs can have on their employees. A healthy and fit individual will require less health care services, will log less missed workdays and will be more productive in the workplace. Here are some of the steps you should take to maintain fitness in your organization.

  • Start a group fitness program

With the help of trainers, you can start group fitness programs in your workplace or at the nearby park. You might need to ask the trainers to provide the necessary equipment or to establish an office gym. That way, you will manage to come up with enjoyable and effective fitness sessions for every fitness level. The commonest types of training include HIIT/Circuit, boot camps, strength and conditioning, abs and core, boxing, games, and fitness challenges and stretching.

  • Encourage gym memberships

Subsidized gym membership will motivate your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Most gyms around Melbourne collaborate with companies to provide corporate gym credits and discounts. To select a gym facility, ask your employees about their most preferred fitness classes and gym equipment. That will help you identify the best gym to collaborate with.

  • Go for fitness resources and products

Including after finding a perfect gym partnership, you are unlikely to get programs that will fit the lifestyle of every employee. By offering resources and products to busy employees, you will be helping them maintain fitness including when at home or when making trips to the gym is impossible. From wellness video services to mobile fitness apps, the market offers various products and resources to help your employees remain in shape. Some of the fitness resources you can go for including mobile health apps, fitness bands, wellness video services, workout DVDs, and health information portals.

  • Turn tasks into fun games

To achieve your corporate fitness goals, you might need to change the repetitive or mundane tasks into fun games to stimulate active productivity and participation. This will work better if incorporated into your wellness programs because the implementation part is inexpensive. To spice up the wellness efforts, allow the employees to compete against each other. Some fitness apps such as Fitbit, Hotseat, and Digifit will help you achieve that.

  • Sponsored activities

A good way of jumpstarting your wellness programs involves hosting sponsored activities. Select a few days each year to hold fitness events. On these days, help your employees gain more information about fitness and take part in sports activities. Such programs will help your workers develop strategies pitched towards making a healthier lifestyle.


When looking for corporate fitness in Melbourne, you should go for trainers who will provide the best to your organization. Voice all your preferences to them. Melbourne trainers adopt different fitness training styles, but they will strive to make workouts habitual and as natural as eating for your employees. They will also help the employees duplicate the experience at their homes.