7 Benefits of Yoga for Young Kids

When we think of yoga, an adult comes into mind, however, yoga is not just meant for adults. It is very beneficial and healthy for children too. It teaches them calmness, a way of meditation and balance which can be excellent for their life skills.

Below given are a few reasons for how beneficial yoga is for children and how it impacts their upbringing. One of the added benefits is that it is a very mild form of exercise so it will in no way harm their growth or tire them out. Rather it will help in relaxing and comforting them. You can look into the beginner yoga sequence with Yoga Vastu for more information.

  1. Anxiety release

As children are young and unable to express their emotions with the help of language, their anxiety is usually expressed through a tantrum or their actions which are usually perceived to be negative. Through the help of yoga, you can help them release their anxiety in catharsis through yoga. It is an excellent way of teaching children about stress management in a very healthy way.

  • Regulation of Emotions

Through yoga, an individual tends to learn more about their present and how to live within it. Through yoga, a child can also begin to learn that at a younger age. This helps in the perception and control of emotions which is something children need to learn healthily. It also promotes a healthy, peaceful, and calm state of mind which helps in the improvement of emotional regulation.

  • Increase in self-esteem

When your child masters a new pose of yoga or can control their breathing according to the instructions, it gives them a sense of personal empowerment and makes them feel like they have achieved something excellent. This is why we suggest that you use yoga to increase their self-esteem as it can do wonders for them.

  • Concentration and memory

When the child makes an effort to fixate on a move or tries to perfect it with yoga, it can help improve concentration which is excellent when it comes to concentration and memory. Also learning the timings, and the types of moves they need to do help improve their memory. It has also been proved through research that deep breathing can help enhance your memory and concentration skills. This will then enhance your child’s abilities in school and will be very beneficial in academia.

  • Increased discipline and decreased impulsivity

It has been said that physical exercise can help be an outlet for children to release their pent up energy that they usually are unable to release. This is why yoga can be a very beneficial way of releasing energy in a very controlled and disciplined way. As most forms of yoga require you to follow disciplined yoga moves, this helps your child learn these moves and bring discipline into their lives. While through this release of energy their impulsivity is controlled as in yoga you learn to control yourself and take some time before moving and changing your moves.