Everything You Need to Know About Bathing Your New Baby

If you are nervous about giving your
newborn his very first bath, then don’t worry because this is quite common
especially among those who become parents for the first time. The little tiny
toes, cute little eyes and those fingers, everything seems so sensitive that
the idea of bathing looks like a daunting task.

For starters, honestly, you don’t have to give your baby a bath every single day, at least not until he/she starts touching things or crawling on the floor. You can give your little one a bath twice or thrice a week and that would be more than enough to keep him all healthy and clean. But during those two to three times, you should be very careful about the bathing and make sure that you keep your hands firm and for more security, you can opt for a fully framed shower screen so that your little one is all protected when you are bathing him.

Here are some of the best tips that might
come in handy to you during your new experience:

1-Pick the right moment

Babies pick up on stress really quick and
bathing a crying baby isn’t a good idea. So, the first thing you need to do is
to pick the right moment when you and your baby are both relaxed and calm. Once
you find the right time to do so, you can then make a routine out of it easily
and this way even the baby will adapt to your bathing

2-Prepare yourself

Don’t directly get the baby naked and take
him for a bath. In fact, just line up all of your supplies in front of you.
From baby wash to the lotion, towel and clothes you will be needing, just keep
it all where it should be and then start with the bathing process. Make sure
that the water is lukewarm because your baby’s skin is too sensitive and too
hot or too cold water can be dangerous for him.

3-Speed up the process

Don’t panic, but move quickly because your
baby has little to no body fat which means that he can catch on a cold easily.
So, just get him all cleaned properly and then wrap him up and don’t leave him
naked. Put the clothes on first and then put the bathing supplies back into place.

These are the three main things you need to keep in mind while bathing your little one. Again, there’s nothing to be scared of so don’t worry and just go with the flow and with just a little practice, you will soon reach that stage where you can give your little one a bath any time of the day you want to.