5 Easy Tips to Make Teeth Brushing Fun

Setting dental routines for the kids can be quite an ordeal. Whether it is the shock that cold water gives them or their dislike towards a particular toothpaste or just the rebel in them that dislikes to do whatever is made a compulsion, kids can give quite a hard time when it comes to regular brushing of teeth. This adds to the agony of working moms juggling between getting kids ready early in the morning whilst getting ready for work themselves or preparing to put the kids to bed at night while drowsily dealing with their anti-brushing antics.

If you are one of those moms that goes through the daily grind of making kids brush their teeth, this article is exactly what you need. We have rounded up our top recommended tips that could not only help make brushing fun but also encourage your kids to actively engage in healthy dental habits.

  1. Choose a Special Toothbrush: There’s nothing more exciting for kids than to have their own special breakfast bowl or mug and their own baby blankets with their favourite cartoons printed on them. Apply the same to their toothbrushes. Buy special cartoon character toothbrushes for your children, preferably one that has their favourite cartoon characters.
  2. Choose the Right Toothpaste: it is best advised to not use adult toothpaste for kids. Even though dental experts recommend toothpaste with fluoride for better dental hygiene, it is best that you buy special toothpaste for your children flavoured better than your usual adult toothpaste. Check out Pigeon’s Kids Toothpaste made especially according to children’s preferences. Be mindful of the amount of toothpaste you use for your kids. Dentists recommend toothpaste equal to a rice grain size for kids under 3 and the size of a pea for kids under 6. Be mindful of the mistakes you might make with your Baby’s teeth.
  3. Set Musical Timers: A lot of times, kids tend to get done with brushing right away and only brush their teeth for 20-30 seconds against the recommended 2 minutes. Set up musical timers for when your kids go brushing. Let them start brushing once the music starts and end it once it stops. You can also buy musical toothbrushes to make it even more fun.
  4. Make it a Family Thing: If you have that little rebel who doesn’t like to be ordered around, make daytime and nighttime brushing a family thing. Brush your own teeth while your kids do that, or better turn it into a ‘who-brushes-better’ competition. This not only encourages them to brush but also sets the much-needed example of how teeth brushing is really important and should be a part of the routine.
  5. Reward Your Kids: Just like cats love treats after a span of good behaviour, reward your kids after a weekly cycle of regular teeth brushing is complete. Get their favourite toy or make their favourite food for lunch after they complete each weekly cycle. Make it a celebratory event. For infants, make the first tooth a celebratory event.