The Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever

Becoming a new parent may not
be as gratifying and rewarding as many people might have thought. With the baby not being able to sleep at
night, to the constant change of diapers and feeding, it can all become a
little overbearing at times. However, sometimes a few tips and tricks can help
you and the baby sleep without creating a fuss. With these tips, you can now
start enjoying your nights and have full productivity in your day. By having
your baby sleep better and getting enough sleep increases the likelihood of a
healthy relationship between the mother and baby.

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  1. Routine

Many new parents do not realise
this, but establishing a routine can be the best thing you do for your child.
When you begin to sleep at the same time every day and the baby is fed at similar times,
this leads to the internal clock of the child to adjust to the schedule. This
will mean longer sleep hours and more sleep time for you. Many people also
believe that adding a warm bath at the end of the day can help induce sleep and
enforce a schedule. If the baby is a newborn, it may get difficult to enforce a
schedule as they will want to be fed every few hours.

  • Last Feed

Before you go to sleep at the
end of the night, wake your child and offer the last feed. This will then
reduce the number of times the child wakes up at night to ask for a feed. Also,
make sure your child is still drowsy while they feed as it will make them feel
fuller and will result in less wakefulness during the night.

  • Eye Contact

Not many people know about
this technique, but in the late hours of the night when you want the child to
sleep, do not excite them. If you play with them or sing to them, they will
continue playing rather than sleeping. It’s best that you prepare them for
sleep from before. While they wake up at night, let them at times go back to sleep
and do not make eye contact as that will turn their waking into a habit and
result in shorter sleep durations.

  • Temperature Regulation

Doctors suggest keeping the
baby’s room colder in the night while keeping it warmer during the day. Just
like we do better when we are in a colder environment at night and tend to
sleep better so does the child. However, for the child it is best that you only
open a slight fan or window and do not go overboard.