At What Age Can You Start Using Invisalign?

When your child’s
first tooth
comes in, you’re joyous and excited as it is a huge
milestone that has been achieved. You show it to all your friends and family as
an accomplishment. However, sometimes our child’s teeth that come in might be
crooked, they might be too far front or too behind their original place. This
can actually cause discomfort to the child and may not look cosmetically
appealing. This is why parents decide to take help from a dentist.

In such a
scenario, a dentist would usually recommend Invisalign and proper dental
For those of you wondering what Invisalign is, it serves the
same purpose as that of braces, but are more convenient as they can be removed
and you don’t need metal wires or brackets to support them. This helps correct
the problems sooner and faster as children are growing at that age and can easily
mold to the brace that has been put inside.

To start the use of Invisalign, it is essential that a child has lost all his/her baby teeth. This means that none of their milk teeth remains during the procedure of Invisalign. They need to have a permanent denture for the process to be effective.  The age of the child around that time is 12-13 years old. This is when all the new teeth come in and the child has permanent teeth that will not fall during the procedure. Dentists believe that at this stage, Invisalign can be an effective and successful orthodontic procedure.

Doctors also believe that responsibility is key when it comes to using Invisalign as a treatment. The child needs to be mature enough to be able to take care of the tray when they are not wearing it. Invisalign is a removable tray-like structure which is inserted within your mouth. It can be removed when the child wants to eat or clean it by brushing or flossing the tray. These trays are expensive so the child must have a sense of responsibility before beginning this process so that they can take care of the structure given to them and follow the routine of cleaning and oral hygiene too.

The trays themselves are made in a way that gives gradual pressure to the teeth to move back. As it is not instant pressure on the teeth, they do not break. Due to the growing age at the time, the teeth start moulding and moving along the Invisalign, and they start to assume the shape that has been assigned to them.

A dentist’s support during this whole procedure is also very important. The dentist should be caring and understanding of the child’s nature and problems. If something is bothering the child, they need to make them comfortable and explain why the treatment is so important for them to do and the benefits the child may receive later on. You can find an excellent Invisalign dentist in Carlton.