How To Celebrating Your Baby’s First Tooth.

A baby’s every “first” is an exciting milestone that parents
naturally want to celebrate. From their first
to their first steps and their first day of school, each sign
brings with it unique happiness, pride, and satisfaction that most parents want
to remember for the rest of their lives and what a better way to rejoice than
arranging a celebratory party to share the little joy with loved ones.

Many cultures around the world celebrate a baby’s first tooth.
Parents in countries like Lebanon and Turkey have first
tooth traditions
, including sending deserts to relatives and
friends. Their loved ones return the favor with gifts, which traditionally
includes garments for the baby, gold or money and even sweets and fruits.

As far as teething goes, every baby is different. However, most
babies start teething at six months. Teething isn’t much fun for the baby or
the parents, most babies are cranky or fussy when teething, because of swollen,
sensitive and sometimes painful gums. Your baby may have difficulty eating and
may drool a lot. Gnawing or biting is also common in babies who are teething.

It can be especially difficult for the parents to watch their baby
go through the difficult and painful teething
. It is tougher to look after an irritable baby, and there is
not lot parent can do to eliminate the pain until the tooth finally pops out of
the gum.

If your baby’s first tooth
has finally come through, then we must congratulate you because you and your
baby have successfully cleared a significant development milestone and it is
time for a celebration. Here are some great suggestions for celebrating your
baby’s first tooth:

Mark The Date!

Remembering the date when your baby’s first tooth came in is
important, so make sure to note the date in your child’s baby book. To make it
extra special, attach a photograph of the tiny tooth so you can go back to it
later and enjoy the ups and downs of teething.

Take Plenty Of

Taking lots of pictures is the perfect way to capture memories, so
get your camera ready and take some (or a lot) of your adorable baby and the
new tooth. The first tooth is a precious slice of your baby’s life and
development that you would want to remember forever, so take both crying and
happy photos of your baby.

Treat Yourself!

Your baby’s first tooth is also a parenting milestone, so why not
celebrate this big event by treating yourself with something nice. Find a 2 sisters
dress and let your hair loose. After all, you deserve a
much-needed break before the next tooth starts to come in and your baby gets
cranky again.


Your baby will have these
first teeth for many more years to come. However, the memories you make by celebrating
the first tooth milestone will last a lifetime, so make the most of it and
enjoy your baby’s happiness, health, and development.