4 Tips For Postpartum Clothes That Won`t Make You Look Pregnant

Most women become really conscious about the way they look once
they have delivered a baby. However, it is important to remember that your body
won’t immediately go back to the way it was before and that’s completely okay.
However, there are some amazing postpartum style tricks that won’t make you
look pregnant.

Nowadays, more and more women want to start feeling good about
themselves as soon as they deliver, however, they need to understand that they
carried a baby in their belly for 9 months, so they cant just miraculously have
their old body back. You already have a lot going on once you deliver the baby.
You become responsible for another human being, so it’s okay to take it slow
and give yourself some time.

Here are some tips for postpartum clothes that won’t make you look pregnant:

1) Buy Some Yoga Pants

Childbirth is not easy therefore it might take some time for you to
wear your pre baby clothes. Maternity jeans and
yoga pants are some common favourites which women prefer wearing after giving
birth as they provide space and they fit you well. The elastic band in yoga
pants becomes your friend even after you have delivered.

2) Nursing Dresses

During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, we might have to give up on our few fashion favourites. However, it doesn’t mean you have to continue doing so even after giving birth. Splurge in a pretty nursing dress that you can pair up with your favourite pair of sneakers. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers and don’t have the time to go shopping, then have a look at Onsport which is Australia`s best online fitness store. A dress helps you hide the post pregnancy belly and also is comfortable to wear, especially if you just wish to have a nice day out with your family or friends.

3) Repurpose

Even after giving birth you can still use your maternity clothes.
If you bought any stylish maternity clothes, then you don’t have to box them up
immediately. You can still wear them and mix and match them with nursing tops
or a flowy cardigan to achieve a whole new look.

4) Nursing Tops

Sometimes nursing tops are overly priced, so try to look for the
ones that fit your budget while making you look stylish. When you are out with
your baby and need to feed him, then a nursing top helps you achieve that easily.
You don’t have to buy plain coloured nursing tops. Try to look for something
with a pattern on it with a combination of light and dark colours. Patterned
shirts help you hide any leaks from breastfeeding that is not in your control.

Your body has gone through a lot, so give it some time to get back
to normal and try to love yourself no matter how much weight you have gained or
if your belly still makes you feel like you are pregnant.