Mistakes That You Might Make with Your Baby’s Teeth

Your baby’s teeth should begin to emerge within the first year. As soon as that occurs, you should start to practice good dental care that will ensure your baby’s teeth growth and remain strong and healthy. As a parent, especially if it is your first child, you are likely to make some mistakes with your baby’s teeth. The mistakes can end up in several dental conditions such as discolouration, decay and even loss of teeth among many others. It is, therefore, essential that you learn about all the possible mistakes that you can make and try to avoid them. Below are some of the most common ones.

Using the Wrong Toothpaste

There are various types of toothpaste that are
not recommended for brushing baby’s teeth. A majority of brands have kinds of
toothpaste that are particularly formulated for children. When making the
purchase, you should read the label and ensure that it contains fluoride. This
is because fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel of the baby’s teeth to
prevent cavities. It also helps to prevent tooth decay. If your baby has any
dental issues, you should consult a dentist to determine the right type of
toothpaste to use.

Allowing Child to Clean His Teeth

As your kid grows older and begins to develop
some motor skills, you will probably allow him to hold the toothbrush and brush
his teeth on his own. This is a major mistake as the child does not know the
right brushing techniques for effective oral cleaning. In fact, the child is
likely to injure himself during the process. For a child who is a bit older and
capable of brushing on his own, you should still supervise the entire process
to ensure that he does everything right. This should be for a child who is at
least eight years.

Giving Snacks after Teeth Cleaning

If your child asks for something to eat after
you have cleaned his teeth, you are most likely to offer whatever it is he
needs. This is generally a mistake as the food particles will remain in the
mouth and keep the levels of bacteria and sugars in the mouth quite high.
Children should, therefore, eat enough before brushing their teeth. This also
applies to babies that are still breastfeeding.

Not Taking Your Baby to The Dentist

A majority of parents fail to take their children to the dentist for as long as their teeth seem to be okay. Some even wait until they notice tooth decay or ache before they take their kids to the dentist. It is quite important that you visit a dentist who has a lot of experience with children, at least twice each year. Dentists who specialize in children’s oral health, such as those of Pure Dentistry, will be able to identify any dental issues that your child is likely to experience and take effective preventative measures. They will also give you helpful advice on how to take better care of your baby’s oral health. You should schedule an immediate appointment with the dentist if you notice any damage or have concerns regarding your child’s teeth.