6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud is an old but very effective way of committing
fraud. It can entail people calling and saying you’ve won a free car to people
telling you have won 10, 000 dollars if you invest only 100 dollars.
Telemarketing fraud nowadays has become less common due to the technology we
have and how easy it is to trace a call, yet it still does exist and affect
many lives across the world. People really can make use of emotions and
feelings and trick people into giving them money, robbing them and getting
personal information from them. To prevent this from happening to you, you can
read the 6 tips below or explore outbound
telemarketing services with Oracle CMS

  1. Don’t Give In

When a person calls you claiming you’ve won these many dollars, it’s
better to cut the call right then and there. Never give in to the pitches of
telemarketers even though they may seem authentic. People who tell you that
they are from a business you work with can also be faking it and can cause you
a big loss. Never do business on your phone and ask them to contact you in person
if there is something important they wish to discuss.

  • No Information

It is essential that you give telemarketers no information at all.
Some of them will ask you to verify your address and get your address from you.
They might ask you to verify your account number or pretend to call as a bank
offering promotion. It is best that you do not respond to any information they
ask from you and give them nothing to go as they are always hunting for
information to get out of you for fraudulent activity.

  • Call Them

If the telemarketer says they need to discuss something important
with you regarding some personal information always ask to call them. This will
protect you from telemarketing fraud. Most frauds would provide a phone number,
however, it is best that you find the number on your own and call them back
regarding the issue. This will ensure that no fraud is involved.

  • Alertness

It’s always better to remain alert in such situations. Even if you
call them and they turn out to be authentic, make sure you do not give them too
much information and ask for a copy of what they claim on email, as proof. This
will ensure your safety and protect you from any sort of fraud. Also it
provides you with insurance
of the call and the conversation.

  • Time Is Important

Most scammers and frauds try to set a timeline for the offer they
are marketing. They’ll tell you, you need to sign up now to avail the offer.
This shows you that they may be scamming you and you need to be aware. Take
your time to make the decision as it is your hard-earned money and hang up if
you feel like they are pressurizing you too much.

  • Prevention

If you do fall for a scam or feel like a scammer has called you, it
is best that you hand that number over to authorities so they can prevent others
from falling into the same scam as you.