How to Create a Cooking Challenge for Kids

The current times we all are in can be very challenging for children. For them to use their energy productively can be a task. This is why we suggest that you engage them in some fun activities so they can spend their time productively while learning as well as enjoying themselves.

Cooking is one of the most essential life skills that any man or woman should know. Cooking should be inculcated within the child’s life early on, so that when they grow up they can be independent rather than depending on restaurants or other people.

Cooking competitions are a healthy way of introducing competitive skills within your kids as well as a great way to keep them occupied and develop their love for food and cooking. Cooking can help teach them about healthy foods to include in their diet like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. We have written down a few ways you can create different cooking challenges for your children and make the day a memorable one.

  1. Pizza Challenge

Pizza is a food item that children love making, baking, and eating. It’s something every child loves. To make it interesting, have a competition between your kids on who can make the most creative pizza. Offer them an array of options of toppings to choose from and let their imagination run wild. This will help bring out their creativity, they will learn how to make pizza and they will have a wonderful time doing so. It’s an excellent way of keeping your kids busy throughout the day. Get your pizza dough from Suprima if you want fresh, handmade, and a delicious pizza crust.

  • Cookies or cupcake challenge.

All kids love cookies and cupcakes. Why not do something creative with them? We suggest you have a wide variety of colors in buttercream frosting and let the kids get creative. Let them decorate the best cupcake they can and have the parents judge their cupcake. When they are done, all of you can have them as a sweet treat after dinner. It’s a great way to teach them about colors and let their creativity run wild.

  • Ingredients challenge

If you want to teach your children more about the kind of ingredients that are used in different foods, you could have a challenge by asking them to name an ingredient by looking at it. This can be a fun way to improve their memory and help them learn new things.

  • Vegetable Challenge

If you want the challenge to be healthy and want your kids to have a fun time too, then a vegetable challenge could work. Ask them to choose a vegetable from the kitchen and create a dish with it. This could be a salad to meatballs and more. Set a timer for them and ask them to pretend they are on a game show. The one who has the tastiest dish wins. However, make sure that an adult accompanies at all times to help with things like cutting, can opening and more to prevent any sort of accidents You could include planting with kids as an option too in this challenge.