3 Easy Plants Kids Can Grow And Eat

is an exciting activity that can keep kids of any age group engaged. Most
children love to create new things, therefore, planting vegetables and flowers
can be a fun and healthy activity
for them. Nowadays, more and more children are getting hooked onto devices
whether they are watching a cartoon or playing a game, it has become a source
of addiction for them. It is not essential that you own a place with a huge garden,
you can also plant vegetables with your children even if you are living in an apartment.
It all depends on what you are planning to grow because a small area can be
created with the help of small pots, bags and window boxes.

There are kid-friendly seed packs that you can buy for your children as they have a super-fast growth that will race from seed to harvest between 5-6 weeks. A successful gardening activity can motivate your kids to grow and eat the right kind of foods. It is the responsibility of the parents to come up with fun ideas to incorporate healthy and eco-friendly activities in their child`s routine. Help your children decide what kind of plants they want to grow and teach them how to dig up the yard so they can start sowing the seeds. If you wish to reduce any kind of risk, then you can contact organics, which will naturally help eliminate any weed killer. This is a really important element for the parents as they want to safely control weed growth at home.

Here are 3
super easy plants your kids will like to grow and eat:

1) Cherry Tomatoes

If your
child is willing to choose the type of vegetables he wants to plant, then let him
decide as this will keep him motivated throughout the process. Cherry tomatoes
are one option that both kids and adults like to eat. You can easily plant them
anytime during the summers and it does not need any specific weather conditions
in order to harvest.

2) Cucumbers

When it
comes to children, you have to choose those vegetables that are not high maintenance
and can grow quickly which makes cucumbers an ideal option. They are easy to
harvest and do not need much attention. It will be great fun for your kids at
the time of picking as they will have to hunt through the plant leaves in order
to obtain them.

3) Potatoes

All kids
love to eat potatoes and it is always a favourite vegetable in terms of
gardening. When the harvest time comes closer, the kids get to witness how many
potatoes can one seed grow. There are many plants that only need minimum
maintenance such as watering and feeding therefore it is easy for kids to plant