Fun Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party

Kid birthdays are special not only for the child but also for everyone associated with them from parents to the child’s friends. It has to be a grand affair whether the child is turning one or 8. But not many of us have the budget to make it seem like a grand affair and also, we believe it is absurd to drain out every bit your finances by spending on decorations, food, props, etc. All of this is going to last for a couple of hours so focus on creating memories and spend wisely on the event.

Trust us when
we say that you can pull a great event without going bankrupt. Don’t believe
us? Well, here are all the ways you can make your child’s birthday fun,
vibrant, and extremely memorable.

  1. Merge food and snacks with decorations

It’s a new trend and we absolutely love it for all the right reasons. People now make desserts, snacks, and drinks a part of the decoration. This way you wouldn’t have to spend extra on decor for that particular area. Get serving trays that match the theme and overall vibe of the birthday. Also, focus on the presentation of the food and other stuff included in the party. Go for customized shapes, so that they add more beauty to the event!

2. Print and Frame your Child’s Pictures

We are sure you must have recorded a lot of memories from your child’s earliest days in this world. Get those pictures printed and make a beautiful frame out of it. You can make a separate frame for your child’s first or you could make a timeline of their journey so far. If your child is grown enough to figure out what all is happening, then just notice the excitement after seeing their old pictures displayed so beautifully.

3. Run a Slideshow

Get a projector on rent and make a slideshow of your baby’s pictures and videos. It will be a beautiful trip down the memory lane. Also, it is a super-economical idea because renting a projector is not much of a financial burden. It would be even great if you have your own projector. An alternative to this would be running the videos on the TV if there are fewer guests or if the party is indoors. 

4. Face Paint and Tattoo Artists

Kids love face paintings and that’s for sure. If you have the artist in you then take this responsibility upon yourself. Get a few vibrant paints, brushes, and maybe a few stencils for designs. You can also contact a reliable tattoo artist for a waterproof temporary tattoo if you want something different than the good old face paints. However, make sure to get high-quality material for this because a child’s skin is sensitive to many chemicals.

5. Games and Activities

Games and other fun activities are the easiest way to keep kids engaged. Setting up games is no hard task because you can do this all by yourself. A few of our favourite games include a scavenger hunt, balloon pop, musical chairs, and bubble wrap race. All of these games can be managed at home without calling over an event manager.