How To Organise 1st Birthday Parties

Parenthood is
the biggest life transition in one’s life. It is a completely different phase
of life as here an individual is responsible for the upbringing of another
human, which is a huge responsibility.

Now that you are
a parent and your baby has turned one, it is time to celebrate! There are two
reasons to celebrate your little one’s first birthday. The first is that your
baby is now a toddler, and you have successfully completed one year of

As the guest of
honor does not have their own wishes for their first birthday, you need to take
the matter in your hands. Want to plan a memorable celebration? Here is a
comprehensive guide that will help you plan the perfect first birthday party!

Set the Date and Time

When planning
your baby’s first birthday party, you need to decide on a date and time that is
suitable for your friends and family. Try to set a time that is close to your
baby’s nap time. Babies can get really cranky in a crowd especially if they are
sleepy or hungry. Make sure your baby is well-fed and well-rested for the
event. A smart option is to choose a time close to nap time. You can make your
baby go to sleep after cutting the cake so that you can socialize with the

Create a Guest List

Decide if you
want an intimate party or a grand celebration. You need to prepare a guest list
according to the type of party you are planning. When it is just a small
intimate gathering, you need to add your close relatives and friends to your
guest list. Deciding the number of guests will even help you the right
for the birthday party.

Choose the Perfect Venue

If you want to
save money and your house is big enough, you can hold the party at your home.
When you have a set budget and the guest list, you will have a better chance of
choosing the right venue. There are numerous birthday
venues in Melbourne
for every budget. You can choose your baby’s favorite
park or a restaurant for the party.

Decide a Theme

A baby’s first
birthday bash must be full of colors and lively. When planning the party, do
consider having a theme. It will add the elements of fun and excitement to the
party. Choosing your baby’s favorite cartoon show for the theme is a great

Set a Menu

The next
important thing to consider is the menu. As you will have lots of kids at the
party, make sure you arrange a menu that includes kid-friendly items. Try not
to add a lot of sugary foods and drinks as it can affect the teeth
of the kids

You can even
plan party favors, and while you do that, do not forget that it’s a baby’s
birthday. You can purchase bath toys and fancy swag bags for the kids. Follow
this comprehensive guide, and you will know exactly how to plan the perfect
birthday bash for your toddler!